PRESS RELEASE: What Does the Shofar Call You to Do?

What Does the Shofar Call You to Do?

ONE answer to the question, WDSCU2D? is this: The shofar calls us to do forty conscious acts in forty days.

Rabbi Eric Linder
Temple Israel, Omaha, NE 402-556-6536

Wendy Goldberg, Program Director
Temple Israel, Omaha, NE 402-556-6536

August 24, 2011, Omaha, NE – What Does the Shofar Call You to Do? @WDSCU2D

The shofar is a rallying cry. Its echoes are meant to move us toward inscription in the Book of Life. There are forty days between the first of Elul and Yom Kippur. These days call to us with a challenge for renewal, growth and action.

Each of us hears the call differently. With that in mind, Temple Israel asks the Jewish community worldwide, “What Does the Shofar Call You to Do?”

Tweet your image and text to @WDSCU2D, or email to May we be inspired by each other’s answers to grow, to learn and to be inscribed in the Book of Life.


  1. Follow @WDSCU2D.
  2. Be creative! Your answer can be funny, heartfelt, Judaic, etc.
  3. Write the answer to the question, WDSCU2D?.
    Please use a thick dark marker.
  4. Have someone take your picture of you with your answer. Option: Consider choosing a setting that compliments your answer in a creative, artful way.
  5. We will have a camera at Temple Israel programs to take photos as well.
  6. Share Your Answer! …any of these options work:


Title What Does the Shofar Call You to Do?
Authors Rabbi Eric Linder and Wendy Goldberg
Congregation Temple Israel, Omaha, NE
Twitter @WDSCU2D

140 Character Review
What Does the Shofar Call You to Do? Answer the call by sending an image and text. Tweet @WDSCU2D Need inspiration?

About the Authors
Rabbi Eric Linder is a teacher, student and connector. Linder joined the Temple Israel clergy team in 2006. Raised in Plantation, FL. While singing, playing, praying and making friends at URJ Camp Coleman, he realized the power of Jewish community. He believes strongly that the Torah can be a vehicle for personal growth, as it calls each of us to Lech L’cha, venturing courageously forward into our lives. He brings his passions of music, movies and iDevices to the rabbinate.

Wendy Goldberg is a program director and mom. Wendy’s first priority is making Judaism relevant. She brings a practical approach along with experience in social media, internet communication and marketing to every project she touches. Wendy lives in Omaha, Nebraska with her husband David and their three children.

About Temple Israel
Temple Israel is a Reform Jewish congregation in Omaha, Nebraska. Temple Israel strives to bridge tradition and modernity linking our precious history with fresh approaches to spirituality, lifelong Jewish learning and acts of justice.

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